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The Inside Scoop

Online Custom Printing Companies

Over the past few years there have been numerous large retail sites which have popped up allowing for customers to purchase custom apparel. This big box store approach to printing custom  apparel has allowed customers to get easier access to printing services but sometimes at the cost of quality. By this we are referring to the fact that a lot of online print websites do not even do their own printing but instead subcontract a majority, if not all, of the custom orders they get in. That means they do not even see the final product before it is shipped out the door to a customer. 

Here at Chesapeake Tees we print our own custom shirts with our own printing equipment. We just happen to have the tech capabilities to allow a smooth online purchasing experience like this big box print sites. We also have our own group of trained printers who are experts with our Direct To Garment and Screen Printing equipment. We train our employees to think of printing as an art and a science so we take quality very seriously. Now how do local custom printing shops compare to online  you may ask. Well, local shops are typically thrive on local business like the name says where online printing companies only serve the areas they ship too with as little communication with the customer as possible. Chesapeake Tees prefers to take both approaches. 

We offer custom custom printed apparel locally in the Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Harford County regions but also offer the convenience of an online transaction for those who would rather get to the point and make their purchase. So if you have any printing needs or questions please feel free to reach out to us because we would love to show you what makes our company different from the rest!